June 2015

Iran Policy Statement to President Obama

FRANCE, Paris: General Hugh Shelton, former Chairman of the US military's Joint Chiefs of Staff, spoke at a major Iran Freedom rally in Villepinte on Saturday, June 13, 2015. The event was held at Parc des Expositions exhibition center. Gen. Shelton said: "Far from being a part of a solution [to the Middle East crisis], Iran is a major part of the problem. There should be no direct or indirect cooperation with Iran under the pretext of fighting ISIS. Iran has been a major engine of Islamic extremism and fundamentalism. It is globally recognized as the primary sponsor of terrorism. We should be more vigilant and more vocal about human rights abuses by the regime. Our failure to stand for basic principles and rights only encourages the regime to violate them further with impunity. Nuclear negotiations must not inadvertently provide an undeserved veneer of legitimacy. A successful policy toward Iran and the Middle East cannot be based on denial of these realities.

February 12, 2015

Fox 10, Phoenix

FOX10's Ron Hoon has an exclusive interview with General Hugh Shelton, the former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff who worked with both President Bill Clinton and President George W. Bush. Shelton is in Phoenix to address extremism with Rudy Giuliani.

February 21, 2015

Phoenix Speech presented by Iranian-American Community of Phoenix

September 1, 2014

International Conference in Paris

General Hugh Shelton speaks at an international conference was held in Paris to commemorate the first anniversary of the Ashraf massacre in which 52 PMOI members were brutally executed by Maliki’s forces.

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Leadership That Leaves a Legacy

In this motivational leadership talk, General Shelton brings you values-based leadership lessons from a 38-year military career, culminating in the highest-ranking position of his profession.

America's Challenge: Dealing with the Middle East, Terrorism, and an Uncertain Future

General Shelton discusses challenges to America's national security emanating from the Middle East, winning the war on terror, and dealing with the challenges that lie ahead.

America's War On Terrorism

General Hugh Shelton talks about winning the war on terrorism: 9/11 changed the world, and the next event could be more catastrophic - but we can win, and here's how.

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